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Self-Adjusting Door Seals (SADS)

Is your furnace door always completely closed? Most doors remain open!
A regular cleaning of aluminium melting or holding furnace door frames prevents accumulation of dross and solidified aluminium. This enables an optimal furnace door sealing with benefits as correct furnace pressure, reduced metal oxidation, shorter melting time and lower fuel consumption.
However, in daily practice, there is often no time or attention for sufficient cleaning. This results in an incomplete sealing of the door because the door remains open a little bit.
To improve this situation, De Winter Engineering has developed a heat-resistant self-adjustable door sealing.
Advantages of our Self-Adjusting Door Seal system: Reduces energy consumption and dross formation
With conventional door seal systems, the door remains a bit open if there is dross accumulation at one point between the door and the doorframe. The Self-Adjusting Door Seal system will close this gap and minimizes the loss of energy.
The Self-Adjusting Door Seal system is designed to operate in the harsh environment of aluminium casthouses with liquid metal, dust, high temperatures and heavy mechanical impacts.
The system can be installed on existing doors.
Watch the videos below of a self-adjusting door seal: